R & D, Product and Process Technology

Research & Development and Product and Process Technology works cross-functional on developing our outstanding product quality.

Cooperation with internal and external research partners such as universities, universities of applied sciences, research centres and third party research institutes are the basis for the creation of additional value for our customers.

The optimisation of production processes with a clear focus on the value add is the core of our activities in the field of Research & Development and Product and Process Technology. To produce outstanding materials with demanding properties is the challenge we willingly meet each day.

Creating additional value for our customers is the clear target of our activities.

Harald Lehofer

R&D / Product and Process Technology

+43 3852 555 26362

+43 3852 555 26390


Horst Saiger

Manager of Production

+43 3852 555 26360

+43 3852 555 26390


For questions regarding the properties of our materials please directly contact our business areas Special Materials and Tool Steel.

Ingo Siller

Head of Business Area Special Materials

+43 3852 555 26252

+43 3852 3723


Christian Auer

Head of Business Area Tool Steel, High Speed Steel

+43 3852 555 26300

+43 3852 3709